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Yu chang electronics into full operation on August 8, 2015, the company is located in guangzhou, China, xintang town,

According to the ever-changing market demand, the management to the guidance of the thought is "the pursuit of excellence quality, emphasizes the limitation",

As the foundation of development; To "technology standardization, service integrity, the management of human nature is changed" pattern, to become

One of the most development potential and reliable car wire brand suppliers.

Companies adhering to the "a dignified life, steadfast work" the personhood work standards; Adhere to the "improve quality, shaping the core competitiveness, improve the technical standard, efforts to achieve become automobile wire manufacturing pilot" as the goal; According to the "customer for this, service is supreme, mutual benefit" as the company's service tenet; With "realistic, pragmatic, harmony, scientific development", the fighting spirit of constantly pushing himself, would yu chang to the peak of the auto wire manufacturing.

Yu chang electronics to the quality as the core, customer aging as a fundamental, western yu chang brand, the company adhere to the leading science and technology; People-oriented, widely absorbs wire professional and technical personnel, pay attention to the cultivation of the talent at the same time, on a regular basis modern wire rod production process and quality of professional training, through continuous learning and innovation, make the wire manufacturing company has a high-quality professional team, for the company's sustainable development laid a solid foundation, and break the traditional manufacture pattern, set up modern manufacturing system, makes every effort to strive for perfection, according to customer demand customized value-added services, in order to achieve or exceed customer demand for the service concept.